Make Science Engaging for Young Students April 18 2016

Students and Science


One hurdle many teachers face is how to engage students in learning about science. Some young learners flock to the subject while others hold a great indifference for it.


Trying new ways to keep students engaged in the subject is your best bet to turn their indifference into a lifelong love. Engagement also ensures that your student’s grades will improve because they are actually paying attention and motivated. The key is picking the right activities to draw your student’s attention.


How to Engage Students in Learning Science


Before you introduce a new activity, you have to understand which ones will work and which ones will simply bore your students.


Worksheets are not an engaging activity. Yes, it will keep them busy but it will not keep their interest. Nor will having them read aloud from the text and answering summary questions out-loud. Think of activities that will garner the results you want from the worksheet but that are hands-on.


One of the best ways to engage students in learning is to have them physically interact with the subject. Here are a couple of examples.


Biology is one subject that students struggle with but it is a necessary to learn. Simply reading about the inner workings of any organism can be confusing. That is why dissection is a very popular activity in the science community. Once students have learned the fundamentals, they are allowed to see it up-close through dissection. There are various ways to explore the inner workings of an organism, such as through the dissection of an animal or its pellet.


Owls have a fascinating way in which they consume their prey. They swallow it whole and once it is digested, they expel a pellet that holds the bones of their prey. By opening up the pellet, your students can learn about the owls digestion as well as the type of animals they prey upon.  It is the kind of hands-on activity that your students will love.


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