Get Your Kids Closer to Nature Through Owl Pellet Dissection Kits August 22 2016

We currently live in a world where screens have taken over. Television, tablets, smart phones, laptops—all these devices have gotten in the way of our children being able to fully engage with the environment and appreciate the world around them. There’s a solution for that though. Kids have natural curiosity; there is a drive to learn more, if we present the opportunities to do so. Want to know a new, fun, and scientific way to get kids more eager to learn? Buying kids nature kits with owl pellets will surely thrill and engage them! is a family owned business that has been providing owl pellet dissection kits for more than 25 years! They have facilitated learning and engaged students in examining the outside world, such as with these owl pellets for kids, for decades now. knows what it takes to get your child charged up about nature.


There are a variety of science project kits for kids that will help your child engage with the scientific method and be more open to exploring the outside world. A great product to use is an identification kit. There are four identification kits to choose from, and your child will be able to learn about classifying objects, identifying seeds, leaves, and twigs, making predictions and hypotheses, and so much more! Identification kits allow your child to become the lead researcher, opening their world up to so much more.


Is your child a bit more interested in uncovering and observing? Owl pellet dissection kits provide a chance for them to be an investigator, tackling the life and digestion of owls. Our kits provide pellets for kids as well as the tools to break down the pellets and take notes on what they examine—bones, berries, fur, and so much more. Using an owl pellet dissection kit is like being an archaeologist of the natural world; your child will be able to draw conclusions about an owl’s diet patterns and the anatomical makeup of the creatures they’ve consumed. Check out our owl pellet lab, our most popular dissection kit we offer that is all-age friendly!


Is your child more interested in anatomy? We also offer a variety of skeletons for their examination—from lizards, to snakes, to turtles, to rats! Our skeletons allow them to learn about the different parts that construct a body, and they may even be able to compare some of the bones to the bones we have as humans! All of our bones are real, so we can assure you that you’re getting the complete picture.


Ready to get your child charged up about the outside world? Toss those screens to the side and order the best scientific experience for your child at!