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Your Provider of Owl Pellet Dissection Kits for More Than 25 Years!

If you're a teacher or educator and have been wondering where you can buy owl pellets, then you've found the right place. Genesis, Inc. is a family owned business located in Washington State providing owl pellet dissection kits for sale. We have been serving the needs of science educators in North America for more than 25 years. Our specialty is providing the resources necessary to introduce students of all ages to the exciting science of investigating raptors and their prey through owl pellet dissection. During classroom exploration, students will actively participate in dissecting owl pellets to learn about the diet and habitat interactions of barn owls, as well as their place in the food chain.

These projects enable students to exercise the scientific method and facilitate learning as students make their own discoveries by constructing predictions, testing hypotheses, analyzing and recording their findings. Beyond owl pellets for sale, we offer many tools to support the discovery process through our instructor guides, complete owl pellet kits, worksheets, videos and posters. Since 1987, our owl pellet dissection kits have been successful in sparking a natural curiosity and igniting an interest in hands-on research while learning about the food chains.

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At Genesis, Inc., we offer owl pellet dissection kits and other items for the science classroom. For science classes looking for a unique experience, we offer specialty pellets with mole, rat, bird,  gopher and other unique prey remains. We not only sell owl pellet dissection kits, we also offer other identification kits, instructor guides, worksheets, and posters to provide students and teachers with supplemental information and additional educational activities. Classrooms without safety gear can browse our shop for additional tools and accessories to aid in dissecting owl pellets such as microscopes, gloves, and other hand tools for easy dissection.

We accept all major credit cards and purchase orders from your institution. For any questions or additional information, please feel free to contact us. Look around our site to shop our products and explore how you can further engage your students!