Barn Owl Pellets

The Barn Owl does not hatch from its egg with teeth;  therefore, they must swallow pieces of their prey or the whole animal at one time.  They form the indigestible parts of their prey into small masses called “castings” or “pellets”.  For years, scientists have studied Barn Owl pellets in order to gain a greater understanding of their predatory habits. Like fossils, barn owl pellets provide scientists with a sort of “footprint.” By performing a barn owl pellet dissection, scientists can intimately observe various aspects of a Barn Owl’s existence and predatory habits from a distance.

Barn owl pellet dissections are an excellent way for students to study in order to learn about the owl’s role as a predator in a food chain. All of our barn owl pellets contain a variety of remains such as bones, fur, and other undigested contents that give students the opportunity to experience natural processes firsthand. Each barn owl pellet provides a unique view into the diet, habitat, and hunting patterns of Barn Owls. Through the study of barn owl pellet dissections, students can observe the complex nature of the food chain and also practice identifying different animals based on their bones and fur like a professional scientist. Buy owl pellets from and start teaching your students now.

Before shipping the owl pellets, we sterilize them with heat to ensure they are safe for the classroom.  They are also sorted for quality and size to make sure that each pellet provides students with an interesting and educational experience. When you buy owl pellets from us, we make sure each pellet is completely unique; we do not artificially fill or tamper with pellets in any way during their preparation.

Product Information

  • Barn Owl pellets – Available in a variety of sizes and quantities. Available with Bird, Gopher, Kangaroo rat, Mole, Rat, and Rabbit remains.
  • Instruction Guides – Student and instructor guides, Bone ID chart, Food web poster, 30 student worksheets
  • Dissection Tools: Disposable Poly Gloves, Plastic Forceps, Safety Goggles, Teasing Needle Plastic Handle
  • Pellet Bone Vault
  • Wooden Probes