Owl Pellet Investigation

$ 19.95

  • A Beautiful "Full Color" Box (9"x 6"x 2") containing a Photograph of an adult Barn Owl.
  • A 9 page Study Guide containing information about the Barn Owl, owl pellets, how to dissect owl pellets and how to identify the animal skulls found in owl pellets. To enhance this owl pellet investigation guide, we have included 7 photos, 6 illustrations of the skulls of common prey found in owl pellets and corresponding illustrations of the 6-common prey, along with illus- trations of the prey animals and two different views of the vole skeleton identifying the individual bones of the mouse skeleton. Make sure you learn about the dissection kit tools you need, too.
  • Bone Id Sheet comparing bones from rodents, shrews, moles, and birds.
  • Plastic Forceps
  • One Magnifying lens
  • 3 Heat Sterilized Barn Owl Pellets wrapped in aluminum foil

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