BVD - Ecology & the Barn Owl - DVD

$ 34.95

The Best DVD Available! Actual Footage of Barn Owls in the wild!

Take a journey with David Carter and learn the basics of owl ecology and a close look at the natural history of these creatures in this Barn Owl DVD. You will observe owl ecology in a new way as you view young owlets being raised by their parents and learn endless information about this most fascinating "Hunter of the Night".Excellent footage taken from a nest site. See an Owlet swallow a Mouse Whole!! See the Parents bringing in mice to the young owlets and extensive footage of the young until they leave the nest. Best of all you get to see an Owl Regurgitating a Pellet!!

 Also learn about ecology, habitat of the barn owl, barn owl behavior, nesting, and much, much more! Running time: 24:51 minutes