Owl Pellets

$ 1.65

  • All barn owl pellets for sale are sorted for quality and size, Heat Sterilized, and individually wrapped in aluminum foil.
  • Introduce students to skeletal anatomy and the identification of prey taken by the Barn Owl.
  • Can be used to effectively illustrate the nature of food chains and to demonstrate the role of avian predators in the ecosystem, and to provide information about the presence of animals in a particular area.
  • Each Barn Owl Pellet is from the wild and unique in size, shape, and contents.
  • Owl Pellets are a Natural Educational Tool that is useful in determining the diet of the Barn Owl.
  • Owl Pellets may be purchased in any amount.
  • Price breaks on large quantities.
  • When deciding where to buy owl pellets, choose Pellet.com. Customers can buy owl pellets online in different sizes for different needs. (See Price List)

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