Wildlife Education

Wildlife education for kids is important on the elementary level because it teaches them how we connect to our world. They can learn about watersheds, ecosystems, habitats, and more. They can locate and identify animals and find out about their environments and their places in the food web. With our wildlife facts for kids, they can readily see an animal's physical characteristics, where it lives, and what it eats. Educating children about wildlife is fun and rewarding.

One way elementary age children can become educated about animals and their environments is to study how they become extinct. Usually this process facilitates a development of an awareness about wildlife that helps them to see the need for social responsibility in that regard. Children can learn ways to protect wildlife and prevent extinction, even at the elementary level.

Wildlife education for kids shows them how to be responsible with the environment and the things in it, like the flora and fauna. They can learn about conservation. They can create their own mini wildlife center by growing a flower garden or arranging a portion of their yard into a habitat.

At Genesis, Inc., we're dedicated to providing wildlife facts for kids through our owl pellet dissection kits, as well as our various videos and posters. Use our projects as a stepping stone to lead to a full wildlife education project, or let them stand alone as a great introduction to life science education. The choice is yours; but whatever your choice, we are standing by ready to provide you with quality educational materials for your science projects. Contact us today by calling 360-422-6764 or email us at info@pellet.com.