School Science Supplies

At Genesis, Inc., we understand how vital your school science supplies are to your classroom curriculum. We want to provide you with the very best in science classroom supplies. That's why, even after fifteen years in the business, we remain a small company with a very specialized product. That way we're able to be attentive to you and your needs. You can always contact us with questions or concerns by emailing

The world of science can be brought to life through our curriculum and owl pellet packs, identification kits, and many other school science supplies. We offer owl pellets in varying sizes, or with your choice of pellet contents (like rat, weasel, bird, or squirrel). We carry posters, videos, and photographs; microscopes, forceps, tools, goggles, and fabulous skeletons and owl pellet displays. We also have tree identification products. We offer many other science classroom supplies; if you don't see what you're looking for, please ask.

Getting kids excited about science is easy when you use our school science supplies. Hands-on experiments are fun for just about everybody and using our science classroom supplies it will be easy for you to set it up and carry out a successful experiment. We have teacher's guides included with each kit that give you the basics of the experiment, its objectives, and the expected results. We also offer questions and answers and student worksheets. For an easy, delightful school science project, just use your kit and everything falls into place!

Genesis, Inc. is a family-owned business designed with you in mind. We want to make your science project easy. That's why we supply top-notch science supplies for kids. Contact us today at