Owl Posters

Genesis, Inc. is a family-owned business located in Washington State. We're a primary supplier of owl pellet kits, owl pellets, microscopes, and other science classroom materials. We're interested in helping science educators create outstanding science experiments that will excite and interest students, so they will truly want to learn more about science. We're committed to bringing you only the best. Shop pellet.com for all your classroom needs.

We'd like to share with you one of our top products, the owl posters for classrooms. Educational posters help children keep the projects they're working on foremost in their minds. We offer excellent 26"X18" owl posters for sale that are produced on low-gloss paper for minimal glare. Each poster is painstakingly illustrated with the correct proportions and anatomy of each animal.

Our food web poster shows the Barn Owl at the top of the food web, along with illustrations of his common prey and a description of each one's hierarchy in the food web. The food web is useful when dissecting owl pellets to show students the overall ecosystem of the owl's environment. Another popular poster is the owl pellet/bone i.d. chart, which contains illustrations of the bones of common owl prey. Our set of four 8X10 barn owl posters for sale can be purchased separately or as a set; they depict barn owls in various places in the wild.

Instructional posters are useful for children of all ages, but especially in the elementary grades where students are more visual. Use our owl posters for classrooms as an additional learning tool for your owl pellet dissection experiment. Your class will love it. Contact us at pellet.com.