Owl Pellet Lesson Plans

Genesis, Inc. is a company that provides educators with science classroom curriculum, specifically owl pellet dissection packs. We provide plenty of teaching information in the instructor's guide, included with every owl pellet pack. The guide leads you step-by-step through each lesson, giving an objective, a procedure, and a possible approach. Aside from following our suggestions, there are many other ways to approach the owl pellet dissection project.

You may want to direct your classroom owl pellet experiment step-by-step. The best way to approach this owl pellet dissection lesson plan is by hanging the relevant posters, photos of owls, and other information you've collected around the classroom. Have reference materials on hand. You might want to post your plan on the wall so that students know each step to take. Lead students carefully through this plan by stating each objective clearly as you work together through the process.

Another owl pellet lesson plan would approach the project as a discovery lab. State no objectives or plans. You may not even want to tell them what the pellets are. Obviously, this works best with older students. Invite them to pool their observations to see what they can discern from their findings.

Whatever your lesson plans and approach, we know that your classroom will thoroughly enjoy the owl pellet project. Pellet dissection is an exciting experiment for students of all ages. That's why we've enjoyed success for fifteen years as the primary supplier of owl pellet kits to science educators. We're committed to providing the best for your classroom. Contact us today info@pellet.com or by calling 360-422-6764.