Owl Pellet Kits

Our owl pellet kits are created to elicit the best from your classroom science experiment. Each kit includes heat-treated barn owl pellets individually wrapped in aluminum foil. Pellets are collected naturally in the wild; every one is unique, and its contents are unique. There are student worksheets with detailed anatomical illustrations of the bones of common owl prey. All kits include teaching strategies, questions and answers, and a Key to Skulls or bone i.d. sheet, as well as a food web poster.

In addition to our pellet kits, you can purchase microscopes, forceps, and other tools used in the science classroom. We have barn owl videos and barn owl posters that make a nice addition to your owl pellet project. We also offer specially treated and mounted rat and pigeon skeletons for use in the classroom. Browse our website, pellet.com, to see all the science classroom products we have to offer.

All our products are unconditionally guaranteed. We also offer a refund on any unused materials within 30 days. Buy from us with confidence. Shop pellet.com today, or phone 360-422-6764.

When you use our specially prepared owl pellet kits for dissection, your students will learn the history of the barn owl, what the barn owl's diet includes, and how to identify the skulls and other bones they find in the pellets. You can use the owl pellet project to show the order of the food chain and where owls fit in the ecosystem. Choose a discovery approach to let them learn on their own, or a directed experiment approach to lead them to specific lab results.