Owl Education

I'd like to introduce you to our company, Genesis, Inc. We're a family-owned business dedicated to providing the best in classroom science projects to science educators and homeschool families. Our specialty is owl pellet kits, used for the dissection of owl pellets to educate students in the feeding habits of barn owls through identifying the skeletal remains in owl pellets.

Owl education and learning activities can go in many directions. Using the pellet kits for dissection helps students to identify the owl's prey, the skeletal anatomy for the prey, and the characteristics of the owl's ecosystem. From there, you may want to go into an educational discussion of more birds of prey. You may choose to design a food web diagram with your students.

Barn owls are faced by many hazardous conditions. Barn owls can be hit by vehicles when they hunt in grass that runs along busy roads. They can fall victim to starvation due to harsh weather or the loss of grassy habitats. Some owls are poisoned or shot by homeowners. All of these dangers have led to the decline in both the number of barn owls and the age to which they might survive. As a result, barn owl release projects have been formed to release new owls into the environment.

Release projects are a marvelous opportunity for education. Connecting your students with an owl release project may bring live raptors into the classroom, or open your class up to many other educational opportunities. To begin your owl education and learning activities, contact us today by emailing info@pellet.com.