Classroom Science Posters

Genesis Inc. offer an educational science poster that features the barn owl at the top of the Food Web, above the prey he normally consumes and a description of how they relate to the owl. This stunning poster shows students what the barn owl looks like and also reinforces the dynamics of the Food Web. Measuring 26" x 18" in size, the poster is printed on a heavy low-gloss (non-glare) paper.

Another great addition to your science classroom would be our bone identification poster. It can be utilized during your owl pellet dissection. It also measures 26" x 18" and shows students the primary skeletal features of birds, shrews, moles, and other rodents.

Creating Science Posters for Teachers from Your Results
There are also many ways to create educational science posters from your owl pellet dissection experiment. For example, the class might glue all the skeletal remains of small mammals onto a large piece of posterboard, separating them by animal type. Charts of skulls and bones provided in our science posters for teachers will help students to identify each part.

Making Drawings
You could also simply have students make drawings of the many types of organisms living in barn owl pellets. Usually an unpreserved pellet will contain fungi, moths, and beetles, all in various stages of development. Remember, though, that our pellets are heat treated, so they won't contain these items.

With our high-quality pellets and colorful posters created to reinforce key concepts, you can create a lesson students will remember for years to come.