Barn Owl Video

In order to truly show your students how the barn owl lives in his habitat, what could be better than video footage? Our barn owl video, "Ecology and the Barn Owl," is one of the best videos available today. Our video is filmed in the wild, to give students an accurate depiction of a barn owl ecosystem and barn owl behavior.

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This owl pellet video will teach students about the barn owl ecosystem and barn owl behavior. In the video, students can also witness a barn owl regurgitating a pellet just like the ones they will dissect. There's no doubt where a pellet comes from after they've actually witnessed its regurgitation!

Led by David Carter of, your journey into the life of an owl will show you the barn owl ecosystem and natural history. You will see owlets being raised by their parents, and even watch them swallow a mouse. The 24:51 minute owl pellet video is just the right length for use in the classroom and discussion afterward.

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