Owl Pellet Dissection Kits

Genesis owl pellets are one of the most unique scientific footprints available in nature. Their ability to preserve the bones and fur of an owl’s prey (as well as twigs, plants, etc.) have become an invaluable tool in the study of the owl. Genesis owl pellets not only inform scientists about the eating habits, travel patterns, and digestive processes of different owls, they also provide a wealth of other information. Through owl pellet investigation labs, we can gain a deeper understanding of an entire species of bird by tracking their diet patterns as well as the anatomical makeup of their prey.

Now every science student can experience first-hand what scientists have been studying for decades. Owl pellet dissection kits get students closer to nature than ever before while still maintaining a controlled, clean, and safe environment for them to learn in. Owl pellet activities allow students to explore the contents of their owl pellets and learn the significance of its contents. In these owl pellet labs with the use of identification kits, instructional guides, and educational worksheets, students will be able to apply what they’ve observed on a scientific level.

Our owl pellet dissection kits for sale are designed to engage science students by allowing them to interact with actual artifacts from nature. Through their interactions in these owl pellet investigation labs, students will gain experience in identifying different animals by their skeletal remains and, in turn, learn how they can apply that information to learning about the predatory habits of the owl. Pellet.com’s genesis owl pellet activities will give students a deeper understanding of nature’s food chain and how to interact with other species.

All of our owl pellet dissection kits for sale are reasonably priced to provide all science students with an affordable, effective educational experience. We accept all forms of payment to make ordering owl pellet activities convenient for teachers and administrators. Our shop offers everything teachers need to make their owl pellet labs as convenient and educational for their students as possible, all at prices that won’t break the classroom budget. With everything our site has to offer, your students are only a step away from being able to explore and learn about nature first-hand like a professional scientist.

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