Stereo Microscopes

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Our stereo microscope is one of the best microscopes you'll find for classroom use. It offers a clear, upright, 3-dimensional image that is just right for studying objects like the ones in our dissecting and identification kits, as well as many other life science applications. Our microscope gives clarity, depth, and high resolution. Weighing just over five pounds, it's rugged enough to stand up in industrial climates or educational classrooms.

The field of view is twelve millimeters, meaning that when you look through the eyepiece lens, twelve millimeters will fill up the whole viewing area. In the same manner, the total working distance of 80 millimeters means that the combination of the objective lens and the eyepiece lens give you a distance from the bottom of the microscope to the top of the item you're viewing of about 80 millimeters.

Stereo microscopes from Genesis, Inc. feature rack and pinion dual focusing knobs with a locking screw that holds the head assembly in place--no more refocusing! They feature a total magnification of 20X, and alternate power objectives can be purchased separately. Our stereo microscopes are targeted toward the classroom, but they're ideal for advanced observations in life science applications, as well. Please contact us at for more information.